It’s Birthday Time

Or, if you prefer, peanut butter jelly time!

Thursday night I received my early birthday present from Collin in the form of tickets to The Scottsboro Boys. In response to the flurry of positive reviews and protesting outside the theater, I did some research on my own to learn more about this story. It’s a fascinating and horrific story nine boys who were wrongly accused of rape and yet spent years on trial to the point where their lives were destroyed, even though they weren’t executed.

About the musical: it’s hard to tell the story of all these boys in an hour and 45 minutes. There are some great powerful moments. Josh Henry can make me cry and swoon with his amazing acting and beautiful voice. There were clever aspects and moments were each of the actors shined. Also, I’m a child, so I really laughed at the scene where Haywood learns the alphabet through drawing boobs. A few parts dragged, sometimes the minstrel format was a hindrance, and a few elements weren’t told exactly correctly for the sake of dramatic effect. The musical is supposed to make you feel a flow of emotions: you will feel uncomfortable at the blatant racism and the minstrel story telling format, and you will also laugh, cry and connect with the boys. I’m glad I experienced this show. I still believe it’s a hard story to tell in any format, but they did a great job.

I’m 24 today. I celebrated the 2-3 on a spooky Friday the 1-3 last year. This year I have no exciting plans, but I think I’ll save any insanity for the big quarter-(life crisis?)-century birthday. It’s weird to think I’ll be in Seattle for my birthday next year. On the bright side, though, Collin plans to run the NYC Marathon each year, so I can have a crazy party in NYC too! Coast to coast celebrations… I sound like a celebutante now. Now I’m off to enjoy this slightly fall-warmish weather and knock back a few (or more) celebratory drinks!

Ridiculous and adorable card from Collin

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