Oregon State

It’s Civil War Time!

No, it’s not time for a throwback history lesson, but I do realize this comment confuses many people. One of my friends last year responded to my cheers with, “What? Oh… you mean football.”

The Civil War is between Oregon State University (Go Beavs!) and the University of Oregon (Stupid Ducks). The locale of the game trades off each year between Corvallis and Eugene. I was only able to attend one Civil War game, my freshman year. Maybe it’s better that I have one perfect memory, but I was pretty annoyed that my junior year the Civil War was on Thanksgiving weekend for TV coverage reasons. I didn’t think ditching my family for a football game was the best idea.

That one Civil War I attended was amazing, though. Sometimes there is the magic that comes from the freshman year dorm, if you’re lucky. We had a huge group from different floors who were friends, and we all gathered in a parking lot in the cold to tailgate and barbecue and drink discreetly (shh, don’t tell!). It was such a fun experience, and I think it sealed my love for OSU football, because having school spirit and cheering on your team with strangers who are just as enthusiastic as you is so exhilarating. I’m sure it helped that we also won the Civil War that year.

My digital copies are missing, so I scanned my scrapbook. Yes, I scrapbook.

Living in New York, there are a surprising number of OSU grads and football enthusiasts. I went to a few bar gatherings last season, and brought Collin along for his loving obliging support.

For the Civil War last year we wound up in a tiny dive in the East Village, full of mostly Duck fans and free pizza. The game was depressing but the Duck fan were surprisingly friendly. Collin has a Duck in his family, but I think I have a little more clout to turn him in to a Beaver fan. Or really, he just has no choice.

Drinking away the '09 loss

This year it’s an afternoon game, so in a few hours Collin and I will be heading to our favorite west coast style bar, Pacific Standard, to get our cheering on. GOOOO BEAVS!


Oregon State

Fight Fight Fight!

2 thoughts on “It’s Civil War Time!

    1. I think it came about since it’s two Oregon schools competing against each other, like the north and south were part of the same country and fought each other… it’s one of the biggest college football rivalries, so it’s fun, haha.

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