Zip, Zip, Zip

How did it get to be only 12 days before Christmas? I fly home to California in a little over a week, and I’m going to be in a constant flow of busy-ness through the new year.

Late last week Collin and I made a trip up to Albany to check out the state university there. It was unusually cold. It was below 10 degrees. I cannot process this ice cold weather business. Collin and I still had fun for the two days we were in town. We stayed at an adorable B&B with an electric fireplace. We found a great bookstore and stocked up on $2 and $4 books. We went to a cool Mexican place with margaritas in 16 oz mason jars. However I learned that you should never order a BBQ tofu burrito. You’ve been warned. We went to a bar called Susie’s and I had a $3 beer. I wish I had a picture, but the whole freezing and forgetfulness thing goes hand in hand.

We explore downtown briefly as our faces went numb. We went to the New York State Museum and played around. Museums rock. We toured SUNY Albany. I got acquainted with the library and watched little snow flurries come down when Collin was in a meeting. We drove home in mild snow and passed out early.

Old subway cars at the museum

Saturday involved returning our rental car in New Jersey and taking the NJ transit back to the city. Saturday was also the Santacon convention day. Realizing this definitely helped explain why girls were dressed up and drinking vodka at 10 a.m. on the train. We had a lazy day and then went out for a night of food, beers and friends.

Sunday was full of rain. Sometimes pouring, sometimes not. We had our usual Outpost breakfast and then became promptly discouraged by the rain to venture out anymore. Luckily, the weather let up in the evening, just in time for pub trivia night with our favorite crew, known as The Fraggle Rockers (oh yeah). One round was dedicated to Broadway, so I finally kicked ass. Sadly, it was a packed night and our team didn’t even make it into the honorable mention. Pub trivia is a fun night.

Today was orientation day for me. Unpaid blogger in the house! I will be writing about health and other randomness, and I may or may not try to self promote occasionally. My favorite part of this gig is that I work remotely, but will be able to also visit in person with the staff. And the staff is a group of cool people in a laid back environment. Seriously, if/when I wind up in the corporate world, I will be so screwed.

Up coming events include: Happy hour with my new coworkers. Catching up with an old friend. Collin’s brother, cousin and her friend crashing with us for the weekend. Collin’s dad possibly coming up. My trip home for Christmas. A trip to D.C. for a pre-New Year’s celebration. New Years celebrating. And lots and lots of blogging.

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