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Off to Get Groped

Well, I hope not, but with TSA these days you never know. I’m off to California for Christmas tomorrow. As much as I love to travel, air travel is becoming more of a pain these days. I don’t really have qualms about the quasi-nude scanner installed, but I really don’t want some random agent getting up close to pat me down in an ‘enhanced’ style.

Once I arrive at LAX and get to my parent’s house, there will be much to enjoy. Our rambunctious cat who got a bubbly new personality when all the other cats passed on (sad, but hey, good for him!). A big Christmas tree and a house full of homey spices. It’s kind of funny that my parents are so happy in SoCal but always recreate all the best parts of more seasonally-appropriate regions each year. Except for snow, which I’m okay with. I get warmer weather! I never thought I’d be so happy to have 60 degree weather and rain. Sounds lovely compared to the 20s.

Another perk will be Christmas morning, when I give my parents and my brother their gifts. Some years I am at a total loss as to what to get my parents. My brother and I have a strict “What do you want? Okay, I’ll buy that” policy, but my parents have been subjected to some lackluster gifts when inspiration refused to strike. However, this year I had some major idea sparks and I think everyone will be really happy with their gifts.

The moment I’m most looking forward to, though, is reuniting with my best friend Katie. She’s been in Honduras for the Peace Corps since February 2009, and the two or three times she’s made trips to visit her family I’ve never been in California. Phone service isn’t the best in Honduras either, so phone calls have been hard to keep up. I also seem to chronically miss important phone calls. The point is that I absolutely cannot wait to see Katie. She’s always been amazing to me and we’ve always been able to depend on one another. She knows me far too well and likes me anyway.

Love this girl

In other news, I should be packing. Instead I’m sitting at the computer, working through my writer’s block for my freelance assignments and admiring the lovely new mouse pad Collin got me. We decided to give each other one gift now and one after we return next week. He received comfy warm slippers, since he’s feet turn ice cold no matter how many socks he wears. They’re like moon boots and apparently they frighten Mini to no end. Oopsies.

I'd been using a cloth napkin up until now

And for a dose of silliness, here is another example of the weird cat who answers to Mini.

I don't even know

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