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New Year, New Adventures, New Notebook

Oh hey, we’ve stumbled into the year 2011! Lets see what’s going on.

Last year was an interesting one. I went to Europe, visited old friends, got laid off, did a bunch more traveling, got confused about my life plan, got confused about Collin’s life plan and have now crossed over into a new year.

This year will probably shape up to be just as interesting. I mean, we began it in the aftermath a huge blizzard! That’s got to count for something. I’ve got a new freelancing regimen as well as the light-in-the-dark search for full time work (what won’t people hire me for? oh right, anything). New possibilities pop up every day, and that means there’s still no answer to the great ‘where are we moving and when’ question. Although there will have to be some kind of commitment soon. There are several new musicals and plays coming soon that I hope to see. If I find the money, I’d want to do some more traveling. I could ramble on a lot more, but it’ll hurt my brain to cautiously and wittily present my thoughts to the Internets right now.

Therefore, I must share with you the most awesome of awesome notebooks. (Yes, I do like that adjective way too much.) My dad special ordered this from an Etsy vender. I feel cool and pretentious and ridiculous all at the same time. This means I must carry my novelty “pocket” notebook with me everywhere, and especially to coffee shops, possibly specific to Willamsburg. You know how it goes. Feast your eyes on the awesomeness:

Yes, that is my comfy hipster outfit

That notebook is 6″ x 14″ and as I may have mentioned, awesome. And as always, Mini finds her way into the shot. Famewhore cat is a famewhore.

And on that note, I’m off to carry on as I usually do. I think that 2011 will be a year of anything being possible. Who knows…

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