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Experimenting in Food Blogging

I am a baker, not a chef. And I am lazy. This means that my meals are basic and my cookies are often break-n-bake. I will on occasion bust out my specialty cake. But as I begin my twenty-fifth year, I think I’d like to make a few attempts at acting like an adult.

I have a love affair with sweet potatoes. I usually just boil and mash them as I did before we got the new stove. Then I stumbled across this recipe from Martha Stewart. It’s rather simple, but a challenge to me and at least appears somewhat sophisticated. The recipe is for sauteed sweet potatoes with spinach. That’s a whole lotta nutrients right there.

Anyway, despite arctic temperatures outside (and yes, I’ve become a super complainer about this cold) I went to the grocery store to start this mission. Of course, what better way to start off the evening than with some bread and cheese?

Then add in some beers…

…and get ready for some serious cooking.

Collin was my lovely cooking-partner-in-crime. We started with skinning and cubing the sweet potatoes. Then we threw them in a giant Rachel Ray saute pan. (A lovely gift from Collin’s RH days — they published Ray’s books.) We added in curry powder, water and onions. Then we stirred and steamed. I think some of the chunks were too big, so they weren’t softening as quickly as the recipe indicated. Of course, recipes are never quite accurate, are they?

Once we finally got the sweet potatoes tender enough, we took them out and put in the spinach. Really, the cutting of the sweet potatoes and softening in the pan take the longest. Everything else is easy! Once that was taken care of we put it all together in a pot, added some balsamic vinegar and we were good to go.

Appearance = eh. Taste = win.

I’ve never cooked with curry powder before, and I have a bit of a reputation as having a low tolerance for spice, but it was really delicious. I think I may want to look for more recipes including curry powder and see what happens. However, my next task instead is going to be recreating a restaurant sandwich. A wonderful breakfast spot mere blocks away from our apartment, Milk Bar, has delicious sandwiches that I experienced for the first time last week. It included butternut squash… and of course so much more. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Experimenting in Food Blogging

  1. That looks delicious, lady! Congrats!

    I attempted basic yellow cupcakes from scratch yesterday. I may never go back to box cupcakes again.

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