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Once, twice… fourth time’s a charm

No, no, I’m not talking about the evolution of my love life (ba dum shhh). It’s Valentine’s Day, but I love my boyfriend every day of the year, so today we’re talking about hair. It turns out that despite my understanding of real problems versus silly white girl problems, I still care whether my hair looks like a crazy mess or not.

I know that brunettes should not attempt to go blonde without salon assistance. I know this. But I also know that I’m unemployed and when I get bored, especially since it’s cold out there, I get impulsive about all things hair. My first attempt at going blonde-ish can be seen here. It seems, either as a fault of my application or my hair’s resistance, that the dye did not take evenly.

But you know, I’m fool hardy, so I tried again. Two days later. Lets just the say the thing I learned most through this experience is how much permanent dye kills your hair. The result I had was this:

It doesn’t look bad exactly, but the whole brightly lightened almost orangey roots weren’t doing it for me. So I accepted failure. And two days later I tried to fix my mistake. I thought using semi-permanent dye would be good enough. And I thought light brown would be good enough. It was not. My hair looked basically the same.

I then gave my hair a solid three day break before my final attempt. I bought permanent dark brown and hoped for the best. And well, success!

It feels so good to have hair that looks normal on my head! I was self-conscious going out with my beanie-clad head knowing I had weird hair business going on below. Now everything is sort of back to normal. Except now I get to wait and watch my natural hair grow back in and see what that looks like. You’ll all be getting updates, believe me.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s a day to enjoy love, from whomever you have close in your life. One of my favorites memories is of the care-boxes of chocolates my mom would send me in college. Delish!

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