I am tired. In a good way.

Even though I spent plenty of time in my apartment on the computer during unemployment, sitting at a computer in an office for 9 hours a day is much different.

I love that I keep finding coworkers who are also cool people.

I’m an assistant. At a retail consultancy. You can try to figure it out – I’m still working on it.

I’m temporary. Obviously it’ll take time before either side decides if we want me to be permanent.

I’m adding to my resume. I’m learning new skills in a new industry and I’m so excited about that.

I need to relearn  how to pack a lunch and snacks.

I like that my cat tolerates my singing and performing for her while I cook.

It’s much better the cat witnesses my belting of the Dr. Horrible soundtrack instead of Collin.

I’m no longer required to follow the news and read blogs all day for a job. It’s kind of weird.

I get to walk to work because my office is in Brooklyn, a mere 1.3 miles away from home.

I’m just coming up with reasons to ramble now.

I like margaritas.

Time to watch streaming TV with the boy, relax and continue to roll with whatever comes next.

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