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A Big Ol’ Recap

Last weekend was a busy one. It wasn’t planned that way to start, but in the end I spent half of Sunday afternoon unable to keep my eyes open. Yes, I do realize that at 24 this is kind of lame.

Anyway, Friday was a gorgeous day – a tease of spring. I thought I was heading home for a quiet night in with my new iPad2 (my dad’s love of gadgets is awesome). Collin was out with his grad school dude friends, but once other girlfriends were invading, I decided to join in too. We were at “No Name Bar” in Greenpoint. It literally doesn’t have a name yet. They had a great happy hour deal and we were the only ones there around 7 p.m. By the time we headed out on a trek for food around 9:30 the place was crazy-packed.

Task #1 - Annoy cat and look crazy with new iPad camera. Success.

I forget how much I like the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area, and if I could afford to gallivant around NYC more, I would take advantage. Anyway, we headed back toward Williamsburg, walking outside enjoying the warm weather along with just about everyone else in the area it seemed. We stopped at a busy greasy pizza spot where I made the unfortunate decision to get a spicy slice of pizza. My mouth burned and I couldn’t finish it. I can do some spicy, but I think jalapenos are my limit for now. Being hungry, drunk and tired, especially when waiting for the G train at midnight is never fun. We would have been out later, lingering at the loft of Collin’s friend, but we had important early morning plans.

Kingston in January

Up at 7 a.m. (admittedly I almost didn’t make it out the door) we picked up a rental car and headed up the Kingston, NY. It’s a cute town we’ve been to before. I won’t get into much more yet because our outing is part of bigger announcements to come, but we did have an amazing brunch involving decadent egg sandwiches. Heading straight back to NYC we had to rush to our next commitment. I wish I had a picture of my egg on croissant with avocado, cheese and tomato, but I was starving.

Woo traveling!

Our awesome neighbors were having an informal dinner party. I managed to sneak in a shower so I looked presentable. It’s always fun to meet new people and see where the conversation leads. We had to eat and run, though, because we already had plans to meet up with Collin’s cousin. It was exciting because we meet her at Branded Saloon, a bar we’d been meaning to try for a while (considering it’s about a block away from our apt, shame on us). We had good catch up, good sweet potato fries and good atmosphere. Considering Collin and I are totally riveted by Firefly on Netflix instant, the cowboy theme was extra entertaining.

Sunday was a mostly lazy day. We slept in, did laundry and then contemplated running errands. As we discussed where to go to dinner with Collin’s dad (visit for a RH conference) that evening, I slowly drifted away on the couch. Luckily I had enough stamina left to run errands, which included another round of hair dye. The light/dark contrast was starting to annoy me. I know, I know, this will be a long and painful process in growing out the old color. But I only used semi-perm dye, so no ammonia! I used medium ash brown, and I think it turned out well. Pictures soon maybe.

Now it’s Tuesday and March is almost over. Oh yeah, and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Awesome. My office is quiet this week since the boss is on vacation with his family. We work out of the top floor of his brownstone, which means that his cat is very lonely and comes to us for affection. I think you all can guess where this is going. I freaking love that weird skittish and love starved kitty. And as if you even had to ask… I have cell phone pictures.

I heart Coco, even if she sleeps on my bags.

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