Big News Announcement Time

The next few weeks will be busy and overwhelming, plain and simple.

Here are the facts:

Collin got a great paid internship in Albany and was accepted to SUNY Albany’s grad program. Yay! He’s a smarty pants.

We’re moving to Albany the first week in May. Specifically, we’re moving into an apartment in Troy. A 4-bedroom apartment. A floor-through apartment on the top floor of a row house. For less than $900/month TOTAL.

It’ll be an adjustment to be in a new area, but we’ve both been to the area a few times and I like the feel of the town. I know people have and will act surprised, but let’s all remember I spent four awesome years of my life in a small Oregon town and grew up in a beach town in California. It’s nothing new to me. Plus, I’m good with change, clearly. Really, I’m only worried about making new friends. Friendship has always been hard for me.

I just gave notice with my job tonight. It feels sad to leave something after spending so little time there, but it’s definitely the right decision. And no, I don’t know what I’ll be doing upstate. But there are plenty of opportunities, and I’d almost prefer a part-time service job just to be in the community and meet people.

The apartment is in the process of being sold and barring any freak occurrences, everything should be taken care of by the time we plan to move.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this we’ll be flying out the California. My mom doesn’t drive much anymore and offered me her Corolla I used all through high school and visits home. That means we’ll be driving back to NY. Awesome road trip!

There are a lot of loose ends to tackle, around packing, moving out, moving in, cat handling, transferring registration of my mom’s car, getting car insurance again, etc. etc. etc. It’s a busy time.

Even though all of this has been in the works for a while, it feels sort of overwhelming that we’ll be moving for real in a few weeks.

I’ll miss NYC a lot. But the way things have gone over the past three years, I don’t feel compelled as much to stay. On the bright side, I’ll only be about a three-hour drive away and have a car to come back and visit.

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