The Calm Before the Storm

It’s safe to say that April 30 – May 1 will be a frenzied flurry of Collin and I packing and moving at the last minute. I’m working through this Wednesday and then we’re off to LA on Thursday for a brief home visit, which I’m very excited about. One: I like seeing my family, and my mom’s hosting an early Easter gathering on Saturday in honor of our visit. So nice. Two: I like going to the beach. Three: We’re visiting my cousin in West Hollywood and I’ve never explored LA much ever (no, really) so that’s always an adventure.

It’ll be a great lead up to our speedy cross-country road trip. We have to get back to NYC by April 29 to coordinate packing and closing on the apartment. That means several 11-hour days of driving. Yikes! We’re prepared with an arsenal of audio books, lots of music and hopefully a plan to not kill each other due to boredom. Here’s a glimpse of our route:

Road trip madness!

The last week has been busy for both of us as we’re seeing friends and making plans to hang out one last time. Today was a great day-trip adventure with Collin’s cousin Laura. (Want a new TV show to watch? Check out Pioneer One. It’s awesome. Bonus: Laura’s in it!) We headed out in the morning for a short-ish drive up to Cold Spring. It’s a great area for short and long hikes, as well as a cute town with a great main strip of stores and restaurants that’s just so cute.

The greenery was slowly reemerging, but you can always count of the views to be amazing. However, it was rather windy at times.

We stopped for lunch and then heading back to NYC. Something about brief breaks from the city is so refreshing, even when it’s only for a day. Of course, we’ll get plenty of that once we’re in Albany… but that’s beside the point.

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