Home… for now.

We made it back to Brooklyn! It’s very strange having my car from California in view of my Brooklyn apartment window. The road trip was fun, although consisted of mostly long hours of driving for the latter part. Luckily we changed our route in Santa Fe to go north through Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, etc. instead of south through Dallas and Tennessee, where the weather ended up being extremely dangerous. We hit a freak hail storm in Oklahoma and pouring rain with high winds in Kansas, but otherwise it was smooth riding.

We still didn’t finish our audio book though (read by Raul Esparza, which is awesome and hilarious considering some of the creepy voices he uses for some characters), so we’ll have to finish it at home, like in the old days of listening to radio programming.

I will give a recap about the road trip sometime soon, but for now we pack. It’s nice to be back home in Brooklyn, but our new home in Troy awaits us. We move on Monday. It’s been three years since I moved from Oregon to NYC, so it’ll be quite exciting to explore a new city all over again.

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