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Getting Settled, Part Two

Moving is always a pain. Moving from a first floor studio to a third floor 4-bedroom walk-up is, on paper, fabulous. And now that we’re almost totally moved in, it really is amazing.

However, having only Collin and myself to carry up all the furniture we got from his parents up three flights of stairs was freaking exhausting. And on the really heavy items, like our bed frame and dining room table, I almost died. My legs are still sore and I have random bruises, but the apartment looks much closer to a real home now. Important note: Next time, we’re using movers. No. Matter. What.

I mean, how could I not be happy when you see how happy this little one is?

(However I am weirded out by her need to bury underneath the covers. Will come up with Mini-approved solution soon.)

It’s been a crazy week and a half so far. Pretty much since late April we’ve been running around like crazy people. Unfortunately, during all this Collin and I both got sick. I also suffer from the evil allergies of the East Coast, so I’ve been constantly incapacitated it seems. I may also still be sick. A doctor visit is probably in order.

So the fact that I passed out on the couch today with Tina Fey’s episode of SNL playing was totally necessary. I had finally conquered the biggest obstacle on my must-do-after-move list: register my new – 1999 Corolla, my mom’s old – car. Yeah, I own a car now. Yeah, I have fancy New York plates.

The trip to the DMV was rather painless, but leading up to today I was constantly double-checking what I needed and had to get my own car insurance for the first time ever. I had to register the car before my mom’s registration renewal was up, which put a much tighter deadline on me than the usual 30-day time frame for registering. Car ownership feels very adult to me, because it just feels so strange. I’m getting used to driving around the Troy/Albany area, though, even managing to survive when my route (directions written out and taped to the dash so I don’t get lost – very cool) was messed up due to an accident.

For now all the major tasks have been completed. I can finally settle in and start job hunting, volunteering and going out an exploring. And hang out with Collin, I guess.

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