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It’s Time to Man Up!

I was lucky enough to get to see The Book of Mormon during its second week of previews on Broadway. Even early on in the preview period, this show was gathering immense amounts of buzz. The kind of buzz that sells out tickets months in advance, removes the need to provide discounts and creates lotteries of hundreds of hopeful players. If it were not for Collin’s brother, Austin, I certainly would have missed out on seeing this show before moving upstate. Knowing myself, I would have put it off, waiting to find someone to go with, or wanting to try the lottery instead of shelling out for seats.

But Austin is a huge South Park fan and wanted to come see the show. It was early enough on that I was able to find amazing orchestra seats at a discount. (I’ve only paid over $100 twice: for Lin’s last show in Heights pre-closing and for front row seats at Hair.) I loved the show. It’s funny and clever, has the South Park vulgarity you’d expect at parts, but on the whole it’s a really honest and heart-warming musical. Yes, they poke fun at the story of Joseph Smith, but at the core the show basically says that as long as your faith leads you to be a good person it doesn’t matter what you believe in.

NPR has been streaming the cast recording on their website since last week, and today is the official iTunes release date. The hard copy CDs go on sale early June. It’s probably obvious where this is going: I’m obsessed. When I really love a musical (oh hai, Altar Boyz and In The Heights) I can listen to the cast recording over and over… occasionally performing for my cat… and then I try to see the show again as much as possible via inexpensive methods.

Obviously, that’s not going to be the case here. And really, if I were still living in NYC, I wouldn’t have even been able to attempt the impossible lottery much because I worked late and in Brooklyn. Still, though, I listen, and re-imagine the show in my head. I have a voice-crush on Andrew Rannells. And Man Up is a seriously epic Act One closing number. I think I’ve reached rambling territory now.

This is a great fun show and everyone should go see it given they can actually get tickets. I’ll be looking forward to June 12, Tony night, to see what happens with all the nominations between Book of Mormon and Scottsboro Boys (my other fave of the season). After last year’s lackluster awards that didn’t interest me at all, I really wish I would have a TV this year. Collin and I don’t have any plans to get a TV or cable any time soon… but maybe I can strong arm a bar to air the awards? Totally.

One thought on “It’s Time to Man Up!

  1. I’m going July 6th. I bought these tickets over a month ago. DAMN YOU MORMON FOR SELLING OUT SO QUICKLY! I’m psyched!

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