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On Employment and Newfound Domesticity

This past week has been a pretty great one. It started on Wednesday with a great dinner out with Collin’s friend (from his new Master’s program here) and his girlfriend. It was really nice to meet new people and have a fun night out. I may have drank a bit more than I am used to (lightweight alert) and was out of it the next day.

After my hungover day of nothing-ness, Friday morning greeted me with a job interview. Collin alerted me to this job, which involves writing web content for a decent sized company. Most other jobs I was finding were administrative or part-time retail, or just plain scams. It seemed like I had a hard road ahead of me. But this interview went well – the people were nice, the company was pretty unique in my mind, and there is a lot of stability and room to move up.

Mini was really excited for me. (She runs around like a horse sometimes, and then spooks herself. It’s great entertainment for me and a workout for her. All groovy.)

I was feeling good, so that afternoon I thought it was about time to make use of the free time and big kitchen I now have and bust out some domestic habits. I mean, after all, the college my degree was housed in used to be called Home Economics. (That makes me laugh more than it probably should.)

You have to squint a bit, but the engraving is still there

I took my mom’s recipe for Eggplant Parmesan to the grocery store and stocked up. I also bought ingredients to make a sweet potato soup, but upon returning home I realized we don’t have a blender. I guess I better get on that.

Anyway, I got to work in the kitchen. I propped up my iPad and put on The Book of Mormon cast recording, and started frying my eggplant slices. This takes about 50% of the prep time and oh-my-gosh so much oil. After I finished that I started layering in the pan. I think next time I’ll cut the mozzarella slices ahead of time, because they came out uneven and I think I used too much cheese. Maybe. I put it in the oven and hoped for the best. I’d have to say, it turned out decently. Collin approved as well, which is really all I can hope for.

As we’re finally out of the moving stages of putting things together or lugging things upstairs, we really enjoyed the relaxation of this weekend. Also, the lack of rain at times. Saturday we spent the afternoon in Hudson, a cute town we had visited over the winter. It was amazing to be able to walk around there when it was 9 degrees! We stopped in at a literary book fair, which was smaller than expected, but I found a book I liked. We wandered around, enjoying the sun and eating some pizza from a Kosher pizza-falafel place.

Sunday started out on a good note as well. We were headed to a place near the Adirondacks to go hiking, but the day was kind of crappy with a sky full of haze and clouds. We made a pit stop in Saratoga Springs and walked around a bit in hopes of the sun coming out.

Even though no sun appeared, we went to the trail head anyway. Spraying ourselves with bug spray, or at least attempting to, we started on the hike. But like I said, the rain ruined this. Collin got bit by a mosquito and the bugs were swarming us, making the hike kind of miserable. We went about half way and gave up. It was disappointing, but we learned later that was just the wrong time to go – post rain and when all the bug babies hatch. Ew. I tried to stay positive though!

Post-hike showering was heavenly. We made dinner and started watching Spinal Tap – I’d never seen it and Collin doesn’t remember much from when he watched it long ago. We made it through a good portion, but were too wiped out from the long day and driving, so we didn’t finish it.

Monday started out positively for me even before I got any good news. I want to finally get back into working out, and I had already bought new running shoes (Nike Frees, I like how light they are). So I did an old cardio workout video I have at home and then set out for a very unambitious run of 2 miles. I made it about half a mile before getting very winded and a cramp. I turned around earlier and clocked in 1.2 miles total. Kind of sad, especially when you date a marathon runner.

Run = sad. But, I will have a 5 minute drive to work. Best commute ever.

Despite some linger pain in my foot, I still felt great after my run. As I got out of the shower, I saw I had a missed call and had a voice-mail on my phone. It looked like the same number from the company I interviewed with, but they had told me they would take 2 – 3 weeks to decide. But no, they really were calling to offer me the job! IN-SANE. After spending so many months unemployed in NYC, I just expected the same thing this time around. I have to say I’m pretty ecstatic to have employment on the horizon. I don’t officially start until mid-June though, so I will be able to enjoy my free time knowing I will have money coming in soon. Yay!

In celebration, I decided to get all domestic again. My mom had passed on this huge box of brownie mixes to us when we left on our road trip. I had made one batch that was good, but this time I wanted to make it with a twist.

I used to bags of the mix to make the brownies extra thick and then near the end of baking, I threw on a ton of marshmallows. I spent the baking time watching Justin Timberlake’s finale episode of SNL. That dude knows how to make fun of himself, I have to say. After I took the brownies out, I tried to spread the marshmallows. That did not work out so well. Also, attempting to cut the brownies proves to be a sticky and complicated situation, not appropriate for public consumption. But whatever, they’re delicious.

On a parting note, you should all watch this video of Daniel Radcliffe being interviewed to see if he’s a “real” New Yorker. This same MTV After Hours interviewer had the whole cast of Harry Potter doing American accents once, it was hilarious. Anyway, my lovely friend Mary alerted me to this video. Dan knows how to non-stalk-stalk like a pro! I would so be his friend. Watch it here. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “On Employment and Newfound Domesticity

  1. Haha, of course you found a way to sneak in a picture of Mini all puffy-tailed…

    Also you still owe me a drink for forwarding along that job ad šŸ˜‰

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