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A Night In

Last night Collin was out late with some friends, so I had the big ol’ apartment to myself. It was a gorgeous day out and I satisfied my sunshine quotient well, so then it was time to relax. Last night was all about indulgences.

I started off with doing my nails. I read about this newsprint trick a while ago, so I thought I’d give it a try. Of course, I realized I didn’t actually have newspaper, but I had a literary mag pamphlet to use. It didn’t turn out that great, but it’s still kind of neat. I also decided to layer the text because not enough came off the first time – I think a real newspaper would have been easier.

It was a bit of a long process, because you have to let two layers of polish fully dry before you apply the newsprint, but I filled the time with many episodes of Parks and Rec. It’s my new show I can watch on repeat, enjoying it just as much ever time. I mean, how could this not make you happy?

Then I begrudgingly watched the finale of Glee. I only watch it sporatically, when I hear about good songs or whenever I remember. This was also set in NYC, which was kind of worth watching. Pretty much everything that happened in this episode was implausible, but I still liked watching Kurt and Rachel sing “For Good” on the Wicked stage. The only other stand out: Cheyenne Jackson. He is so unbelievably awesome. And hot. Of all the shows he’s done, I’ve only seen him in Xanadu (LOVE) but he’s done TV shows and spoofs and whatnot so I always have plenty of reasons to swoon. Why Glee hasn’t had him sing yet, I just don’t know.

(It’s a decent quality video – don’t let the screen cap fool you)

Admittedly, I’m not the most creative when it comes to eating dinner on my own. I wasn’t before I met Collin, and I’m still not now when he’s out. So I cooked up some couscous and fried an egg. Not exactly appetizing looking, but I enjoyed it.

Anyway, the point was leave room for brownies. It was necessary for me to make a bigger dent in our supply. A total necessity, obviously. Then I just kicked back and started the book I got this weekend at the fair in Hudson. A pretty good night in, I’d have to say.

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