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It’s a Hot One

There I was, minding my own business, and suddenly the summer showed up. More specifically, it showed up on the day I decided to push harder on my running attempts. At 12:30 p.m. I finished a respectable-for-me 2 mile run, and then returned to an A/C- and fan-less apartment after realizing the sun was trying to melt me. I spent the rest of the day chugging water and tomato-faced. Later, when I walked a few blocks to meet a friend I was still overheating and sweaty. It was a gross realization that it was indeed the emergence of summer. Sharing is caring.

But I can’t resist having a little fun…

Mini lives a life of unwanted photo-ops

Collin and I are not really big fans of humidity. I never experienced humidity most of my life and now I’m living through my fourth summer on the east coast, trying to survive. We’re still figuring out the A/C situation (weird sized windows, aversion to spending money, etc.), which is leading to us being somewhat overheated grumps. I believe the suggestion of moving to Alaska has been thrown around with increasing seriousness.

Anchorage, August 2010, cooler temperature memories

I’d give Alaska a chance. For now, though, I’m excited to be starting a job here soon. I went in for my orientation yesterday and start in two weeks. It’s definitely the biggest company and most straight-laced (i.e. business casual dress, formal policies and procedures for everything) I’ve ever worked for, but that’s not a bad thing. I like experiencing new work environments, and on the plus side, as always, the people I’ve met so far seem really nice.

Back to the heat issue, though, Collin and I had to take a night off from cooking with the stove or oven. We got crafty and just put together a big cold salad – it had chick peas, corn, fried peppers, olives, cilantro and other things I might be forgetting. I added beets to mine as well. We made guacamole, always delicious and some hard boiled eggs. Random, but good. It was extra refreshing with ice cold beers, which are a necessary staple of a hot summer.

Yes, that is our fancy set up with my iPad propped up against my Nike box and a half eaten pan of brownies. Tomorrow is supposed to bring the weather back down to the 60s, so here’s to hoping.

One thought on “It’s a Hot One

  1. Don’t move to Alaska. It might be nice during the summer but just think about the winters. Plus, I’d miss you more than I already do.

    Beer dehydrates you. Unless you keep drinking it. So drink on, I say. DRINK ON!

    We should plan something before your job starts. Y/Y?

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