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Tony Awards 2011 Favorites

I did not watch the Tonys last night. I had no TV and I was lazy. And I was supposed to go to bed early to be fresh for starting my new job (at 8am!). But there’s Twitter. And message boards. And incredibly fast people who put clips on YouTube. So I followed the awards through the eyes of my friends and strangers, and I think it was good enough. I mean really, I could have just watched this duel with Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman and been satisfied.

While I was happy for Book of Mormon’s success last night, I really wish The Scottsboro Boys had pulled through a win or two. I kind of think they all earned it. But if you really want to be in awe of the amazingness of this cast, check out this video made by one of the actors for closing night:

Or check out their awards performance:

I was kind of bummed that The Book of Mormon was going to do a solo number with Andrew Rannells… but then I remembered how awesome he is. This is fantastic.

Then I heard there was a rap. And Lin on Twitter warned everyone to watch until the end. Neil Patrick Harris rapping like Lin – a summary of evening done in real time. I loved it.

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