A Fond Farewell (aka The Nostalgia Tour)

OK, so I like to get overly sentimental about things. This weekend Collin and I finally cleared out of the Brooklyn apartment for good. It took forever but the closing finally happened today! As I mentioned before, we were terrible packers, so we still had a bit to pack up in addition to cleaning up the place before the new owner moved in.

After enjoying the Troy River Street Festival on Saturday, we drove down to Brooklyn. We got in around 11:30 p.m. and since we had an early dinner before the drive we were definitely hungry again. It only seemed fitting to embrace our final time in our old neighborhood by eating and drinking in our lovely Prospect Heights. We got some yummy vegetable dumplings from Eton – even though they take forever to make – and then followed it up with beers at Washington Commons.

Washington Ave

Sunday wasn’t too crazy, even though we had work to do. We started out by picking up bagels at the new bagel shop that opened right before our move and brought them to Sit and Wonder to enjoy with iced soy lattes. Also, more importantly, we needed the coffee shop’s internet. It’s very strange being in your old apartment but realizing it has none of the typical amenities you’re used to having. After that we packed up the left over stuff in the apartment and then moved on to cleaning. It wasn’t too bad. We had time to wander through the street fair in Park Slope and indulged in some very decadent churros. Then we quickly left the crowd and heading over to Prospect Park.

We have our very own Prospect Park in Troy, but I still have many sentimental feelings for this one! Plus, we were walking along the route I used to take when I would walk from my apartment to his when we started dating. Awww. What, no, just me? Yeah, OK. As we headed home the sentimentality tour continued.

Where it all began...

Afterward we headed home and made sure all was cleaned up and ready. We then went to Pequeña for an early dinner. It was awesome as usual – I had a quesadilla with sweet plantains for the first time and totally loved it. But as we walked home we had to make one more stop. This new ice cream place, Ample Hills, opened up right after we left the city. We were both pretty full so we shared an (expensive!) scoop of dark chocolate ice cream. It was incredibly delicious.

Then, at least for me, it really was time to say goodbye to our lovely little (little!) apartment. I had to be at work on Monday so I had to drive back up to Troy that evening. The traffic ended up being terrible and I got to bed past midnight, so I was a bit of a zombie today at work, but it was worth it.

I’ll miss you, Underhill Ave, but maybe we’ll meet again soon.

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