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All In the Game Yo, All In the Game.

I’m just popping in over here to say that I have nothing exciting to say. But it’s the weekend! And hey, remember how I said I get really invested in TV shows? Well, it’s happened again, and if you guessed from the headline – the target this time is The Wire. I’d heard amazing things about this show for years, but never committed the time to start watching. Since this show interested Collin too, we decided to give it a shot via Netflix.

Well, we’re definitely hooked. We’re beginning season three right now, and it’s been quite an amazing experience in TV. I’d heard more about the fifth season because of my journalism friends, but the first season really roots in the rest of the series. I’m beginning to understand what people say about how unique this show is. I sometimes feel a love-hate pull, because you know it’ll be heartbreaking, frustrating as well as amazing as you go through it. And it does so in a real way. I won’t wax on too much about this, because so many people can do it better. But I will say that I get why this show gets a solid multi-watch type of following. I spent the first half of season one not really following the characters or story very well. Then I found this recap blog by TV critic Alan Sepinwall, with two sets of recaps geared toward newbies or veterans. It’s the perfect tour guide post episode to find out what you missed and what is key.

While I enjoy so much about this show, I have a growing affinity for Omar. When you first meet him, he seems terrible. I didn’t get all the raving I had heard. Now, I get it. And I’m even more excited because the actor who plays Omar, Michael K. Williams, has been cast for Season 3 of Community as the crew’s biology teacher. Um, fantastic.

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