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The Hair Abuse Chronicles

Well, here we are. It’s been months since my first unfortunate foray into permanent hair lightening. As you may remember, I attempted to lighten my hair at home. Mistake number one. Then I attempted to try again. Mistake number two. Then I tried to fix it, which took several tries to appear decent. You see where this is going. I think I’ve dyed my hair about 5 times since, most recently being mid-June. Yeah, cringe with me on that. I chose a permanent black and it was harsh at first, but it’s evened out nicely now, and my roots growing out won’t look so drastically different. It’s safe to say that my hair is not a happy camper. My roots have grown out about half an inch, and I’ve made a super sexy discovery – gray hairs! I’m not sure why I’m going partially gray at 24, but I’m just going to have to assume it’s sexy. I won’t know the extent of how it will look once it all grows out, but feast your eyes on this awesomeness.

Emo MySpace shot alert: feel my sadness about gray hairs in front of this book shelf

The rest of my over dyed hair is definitely feeling more like straw some days. I’ve been researching options for hair repair conditioners or intensive treatments. I used one from John Freida and it was pretty good. This time I’ve ordered Morrocanoil, which I’ve heard good things about via my Facebook feed. See, acquaintances/random people you don’t remember but still have on Facebook can be useful!

In other news, I’m still running. I had some drop-off time when it was between 90 and 100 degrees but I’m back on track now. I think reading many running blogs has both inspired me and frustrated me. I like to be good at everything immediately and realizing that my speed and distance will only increase over time gives me the sads. But those other girls are so fast, waaahh. I’m hovering around a 9:30 minute mile, and I occasionally take short 30 second walks when I need them as long as I can make it an extra mile. Oh right, and by that I mean so I can make it to 3 miles instead of 2. I’M SO AWESOME. I’m currently blaming the sun and humidity for my lack of improvement (wah wah cries the Californian), so we’ll see what I can blame come fall. I do feel pretty good with the running business, and after a quiet day at the office (cube life is so quiet! ah!) I really need that run to let out tension and feel alive.

[Insert picture here. I don’t usually take pictures of myself before/after/during runs. Maybe I should start.]

Over the weekend Collin and I went on a 6.5 mile hike. I have yet to acquire proper hiking shoes, which can sometimes make me a grump on these. Plus, I kind of hate nature sometimes. Sorry, Oregonian friends. But it was still fun! We picnicked among a fleet of dragon flies, which was cool and creepy at the same time. Hooray!

2 thoughts on “The Hair Abuse Chronicles

  1. LOVE your blog – it’s tab-bookmarked on my main page:) We’ll all get gray hairs one day…keep enjoying the out-of-doors! ~Christine

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