Impulsive Decisions

Fact: When Collin is away the odds of me spending too much money or make impulse decisions is high.

Fact: I made that up. Correlation is not causation, amiright?

Anywho, Collin left to go to Lake Placid yesterday for a week with his family. I’m joining them Tuesday night – my new job let me still take a vacation I already had planned before starting, but any days I take are unpaid, so I figured it’s best not to lose a whole week of pay.

Because of a random Netflix delivery (The Wire Season 4 has a “short wait”) I watched (500) Days of Summer yesterday. I didn’t love it really, but it was kind of interesting. And I do love me some Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Lookout, you should rent it). As I was watching I decided I really liked Zooey Deschanel’s bangs and thought I could pull them off, maybe.

Today I woke up with a plan to do a little shopping at the mall. While looking at the directory I realized there was an Aveda salon in there. I thought about seeing if they had any appointments open. I walked past it once, debating internally whether or not to take the chance, and finally I figured what the hell. My hair did need a cut, and I would just trust the stylist to advise me on my impulse bang decision. As it lucked out, I had the best stylist who was great fun to talk with, who looked up pictures of Zooey Deschanel on his phone to see what kind of bangs I wanted, and who gave me a great cut I’m happy with – hooray! The bangs still feel weird, but I’ll get used to it soon. Should I start working on my quirky-cute look now?

Apologies for the indulgent self portraits. In return, I give you the most adorable kitten. Our neighbors from Brooklyn found him abandoned in a box and are taking care of him until he can be adopted. They stopped at our place on their way to the Adirondacks and I totally fell in love with that tiny nugget. Normally I’d be all over adopting him (because I want to), but I’m not sure I could afford a kitten right now and I’d also have to battle our landlady for a second cat.

6 thoughts on “Impulsive Decisions

  1. OMG you look so different! They look awesome though. I approve this impulse decision.

    Ps – have fun at Lake Placid! I was just there in May. šŸ™‚

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