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Flooding Averted

While NYC seemed to ride out their apocalyptic hurricane weekend without much damage, the situation upstate here is pretty bad. Our old apartment building had some substantial shakes during the high winds and parts of the roof started to leak, but overall we were fine. We especially lucked out in that the flooding predicted in our neighborhood ended up not happening. A few more feet, though, and our street and many others would have been in serious trouble. After voluntarily leaving our apartment Sunday to stay with our much-obliging friends in Albany, I watched the news closely all day. The water slowly rose, but we lucked out.

This was Monday afternoon, a block from our apartment.

An earthquake and a hurricane with a side of major flooding? What a week it was. Growing up in California I already had my fill of earthquakes and the occasional tsnuami warning, but New York (city and upstate) sure do bring the crazy weather. Tornados, hail storms, crazy blizzards… yes, I do ask myself why I haven’t moved back to the Pacific Northwest, many times.

But you know what I really want to know? I want to know – where’s the boy, String!

Yes, I’m ridiculous in my love for The Wire – but someone else encouraged this awesomeness.

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