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It’s been a nice long weekend. I haven’t done anything particularly laboring, but I’ve enjoyed the quiet weekend. It’s been around 70-80 degrees and 100% humidity. Kill me. I may pick up and move west at any moment. Outside of running errands, running, cleaning the apartment, starting a new book, drinking some good wine and catching up on life, I’ve been relaxing. And distracted.

Exhibit A:

This coming weekend I’ll train to start volunteering with cats at a local shelter in Albany. While it pains me not to be able to take another cute one into my home, the least I can do is take care of cats while they wait for a forever home. (Who am I kidding, I’ll just try to take them all home with me.)

In other news, I’ve updated my “About Me” page. I just realized how out of date it was – whoops!

And… we’re watching the final episode ever of The Wire tonight. Sad it’s ending, but wow, what a fucking amazing show.


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