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Gettin’ Busy

The past week or so has been mostly fun and exciting. I started my new job (yay!!) a week and a half ago and it has been wonderful. I really should thank the last job for laying me off because this new job makes me so happy. My first Friday we even had the monthly happy hour, so I feel like I’m fully settled in and am comfortable with everyone.

Last Saturday was a busy one. I slept in a little and then stopped by the art store downtown to keep my friend company and to catch up before Collin and I headed off to a film festival. Yes, a film festival in upstate New York. We drove to Chatham in the afternoon, getting in just in time for Collin to fill up his growler from the Chatham Brewing. Then we got tickets to a documentary about nuclear weapons. It was surprisingly interesting and well done. If we hadn’t had evening plans, we would have hung around for the Spike Lee film Pariah, but instead we had a birthday celebration to attend. We experienced the bar scene in Saratoga, which was pretty cool at the bar we were hanging out at. It reminded me a little of NYC, even. I had two responsible beers and then had two irresponsible tequila shots thrust upon me, ending the night with a cheap slice of pizza before Collin and I headed home.

source Saratoga nightlife

This past week was relatively low key. We had a fun Scrabble night with friends (nerd alert!) and I caught up on phone calls and worked hard to master new skills at work. Then Thursday came. Thursday the snow day. I’m not prepared for this in the basic “I’ve never driven in snow” sense, but also in the “It’s only October, why is it winter” sense as well. I consulted my coworkers about how fearful I should be of the roads (it wasn’t sticking, so I was fine). The next morning my car was covered in ice. I now know the true value of the defroster. Oh boy. I can’t believe this is what I saw walking into my office in the morning:

Color me confused. And cold. And head-colded. With the severe change in weather I don’t know if my allergies are out of control or I’m mildly sick, but Friday was a rough day for me. This weekend was the obvious Halloween weekend, but Collin and I had more low key plans in mind. I mean, we can’t even try to top the epic Waldo-duo of 2010, right? Instead, we hosted a little dinner party at our house with some friends. I busted out my rusty cooking skills to make eggplant parmesean, and Collin spearheaded the homemade hummus. It was a lovely evening that didn’t involve walking around in skimpy Halloween clothes or any interaction with cold and snow. So, you know, a win in my book.

Fancy pants dining room set up

We even had some festive pumpkin ice cream. It really tastes like pumpkin pie!

Sunday morning we woke up to 28 degree weather with snow on the ground. Collin and I had a cozy breakfast downtown after walking through Troy and taking pictures while the trees are still colorful and pretty. We ran some errands and wandered around a bit more. I can get on board with cold weather when I’m bundled up and cozy, although I still bemoan the fact that we had snow in October.

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