Top 5 Tuesday

So I’m jumping (stealing) on to the Top 5 Tuesday business that the lovely Mary and Sara have been doing for a while. I am not compelled to blog much lately. So here we are. I’m sure my selections will say a lot about me, and maybe not in the best way.

Movies You Love But Have a Hard Time Admitting

5. From Justin to Kelly. You know what, I’m not even that embarrassed for liking this movie. I should be, believe me I know, but I’m not. It came out my senior year in high school, my friends and I saw it in the theater, and we danced along to it in the end. It’s a really horrible movie with fun songs, terrible dialogue, and even worse jokes. I LOVE IT.4. The Farce of the Penguins. I watched this randomly one night with friends in college, and it’s ridiculous. I own it and yet haven’t watched it since. It’s more of a group movie scenario, where you can laugh with others at the crassness of it and whatnot. Otherwise it’s just weird.

3. How to Deal. I spent several years obsessed with all of Sarah Dessen’s books. I don’t know if I had already read the two books that went into this movie first or not, but I was also going through my faze of Mandy Moore obsession. I have a thing for quick wit, messed up families, and emotionally unavailable dudes. (I’M SO COOL YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT)

2. Princess Diaries 2. Before I turned into someone who watches TV shows over and over (*cough* Scrubs and Community *cough*), I used to watch movies repeatedly for comfort or background noise. I love the Norah Jones song they include and I used to be really into doses of unrealistic romantic stories. Plus, Chris Pine is nice to look at.

1. Twilight. The first time I watched this movie with the Rifftrax on, I literally did a spit take. I’m OK with admitting I like this series and enjoyed the books, even if I also enjoy making fun of it. I can have both, right?

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday

  1. I was HOPING someone was going to use From Justin to Kelly, omg! Hahaha.

    I would not be embarrassed about The Princess Diaries 2. But I think everyone expects me to love those cheesy, girly movies. Haha.

    High five on our matching Twilight movies. 😉

  2. Farce of the Penguins…I remember that night! That was a total whim! Also, PD2…haha I remember your obsession:) Love you and can’t wait to see you!

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