Top 5 Tuesday – Words

Every Tuesday, Sara and Mary will chose one topic and give their Top Five lists for it. And I join in whenever I’m feeling creative.

Since I just recently downloaded the word cloud from Parks and Rec, I thought I’d try to create one from my blog posts.


5. Smoosh

OK, so obviously not really a word. But this is the representative word I chose for all the various sound effects I make. I don’t know why, but I make sound effects a lot. Often times it’s unintentional – I’m just strange like that.

5. Cool

Not quite like Abed on Community, but I often find myself saying cool. It’s a great generic response that can convey enthusiasm but can also just be an acknowledgment of something.

3. Gnarly

Oh hey, I grew up in Southern California. And my mom grew up in the valley. I’d like to think I use this word sparingly, but most people are surprised to hear it at all.

2. Dude

I broke this habit for a time, but I call everyone dude. When I’m excited, dude is my exclamation. In high school, we had a teacher who said dude more than anyone and sort of looked like Jack Johnson. Read above: California kid.

1. Awesome

Given that my career path has been mostly involved in various areas of writing and production, you’d think I’d have a better selection of descriptors to use. But no, everything’s awesome. Sometimes I use/say it often in the same story, or response to someone, and feel very foolish. Also, Californian.

*This post brought to you by the fact that I’m sad about not going home for Christmas and thus miss California more than ever.

**Also, I don’t have that much word creativity. Sorry everyone.

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