11 things

I got tagged for this by Miss Sara … I’m not going to do my own list of 11 things, but let me refer you to my old “20 Things” post (from the era of 25 things, the Facebook fad). Enjoy. Especially number 13: my favorite number, everyone’s unlucky one and OH HEY LOOK HOW THAT CHANGED AND I TOTALLY JINXED MYSELF. </unnecessarily dramatic> Now I’ll answer the questions Sara posed:

1. If you could only wear one type of shoe for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Slip-on Chucks. I haven’t owned a pair in over a year and I really miss them. They’re my go-to shoe. Professionalism and girlieness be damned!

2. What do you like most about yourself?

Boo Sara, I don’t like this one. I like how overly thoughtful and empathetic I am?

3. What is the strangest food or drink that you love to have?

I’m not all that weird with food… I have recently discovered I like dark chocolate that comes with a hint of sea salt.

4. If you could date a character from a TV show or a movie, who would it be and why?

Jess from early seasons Gilmore Girls. Because he’s a smart, tortured bad boy, and extremely hot.

5. What guilty pleasure websites do you visit when you have a few minutes to mess around?

I don’t really have a guilty pleasure site… I just am always trying to catch up on my Google Reader. I love blogs and news and random tumblr crap.

6. Let’s say that you get to slap someone that annoys the crap out of you RIGHT in the face, as hard as you can. Who would it be? (If it’s a person you know, feel free to be vague and just list the annoying stuff they do.)

You’d think this would be a no brainer… but I don’t know. I think I’d rather slap someone I didn’t know because they were being a douche randomly. Seems like it’d be more fulfilling and have less left over rage or baggage. Also, this really makes me think of the slap bet in HIMYM.

7. If you could go back to college and pick a completely new major, what would it be?

Graphic design or English.

8. If money were no object, where would you most like to settle down? Would you buy or rent? What would your place look like?

Seattle has been on my brain for a long time. But there’s a part of me that wants to live a sunny, beachy life in Southern California (oh my god, did I just admit that?) with a place right next to the ocean that has a balcony and is still cozy and small like the place I have now.

9. What’s your favorite Crayon color?

Peach. I don’t know.

10. What inspired you to start blogging?

My big NYC move after college prompted it mostly. But I’ve always been into writing in many forms – hell, I even had a Diaryland blog in high school! But I’m not committed enough to have a real “this is my life” blog. I prefer the random and occasionally honest blurbs.

11. Part 1: Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? Part 2: Do you eat your ice cream out of a cone, bowl, mug or something else? (I use a mug and apparently that’s weird.)

I’d say mint chocolate chip or cookie dough. And honestly, if I’m not with anyone else, I just eat out of the carton.

One thought on “11 things

  1. Oooh I love your answers!

    Sorry for the hard question 2… but I decided to try to make it something positive instead of being all, “if you could change this about yourself what would it be?” I’m trying a new thing where I complain less and try to accept life as it is without bitching about it. It’s hard and I fail a lot.

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