Curiosity Collector

April 1: Your Reflection

Nothing fancy here, except maybe the fancy iProducts on display… my trusty desktop also doubles as a mirror for me  to check in the mornings since I seemed to have indefinitely neglected buying a full length mirror. It’s a huge screen, so I might as well milk any kind of use out of it, right? Especially since I already know how ugly it can be when shattered.

April 2: Colour

You’ll find a variety of colorful things in my apartment, in shades of pink, red, orange, etc. I have a weird attachment to items that are bright and, at times, ugly. This watch was a freebie from Glamour that made it all the way to the intern closet. None of the other girls wanted it, obviously, but I couldn’t get over the fact that something so ostentatious and impractical had such a huge retail price. I dug it out recently when I was looking through my jewelry and sadly the watch has stopped. I liked to bust it out from time to time, usually illiciting the reaction of “no no no, put that away” from my lovely friends. But what the hell, I can’t help liking weird things.

Day 3: Mail

I don’t get much in the way of snail mail unless it’s bills, Netflix, or random clippings from my mom. This wall of mail boxes is not very pretty, and it’s even more sad when it’s always empty. Womp womp. But then again, it’s not that surprising considering all the other ways you can communicate these days. Although sometimes I miss exchanging handwritten letters, and I still like to bust out a silly card or postcard when I can.

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