Far Too Happy

April 4: Someone who makes you happy.

OK, so this is a rather obvious choice. And this ball of crazy gives me many moments of pure happiness, from laughing at her insane burst of energy (think extremely uncoordinated ninja) or when she curls up close to me after I ignore her  and try to sleep in on weekend mornings.

April 5: Tiny

It’s the little things that make the days special, like surprise popsicles in the office. And if you were wondering, the answer to that riddle is a “pooch smooch.”

April 6: Lunch

Friday was the last day in our old building at work, and since our fridge had already been removed we had a pizza party. But it turned into more of a ‘pizza at your desk’ party since our conference table had also already been moved to the new office.

April 7: Shadow

Back in the running game! And surprisingly, it was not totally crappy. I forgot how nice it is run on the trail by the Hudson river. And it’s even more fun now that I downloaded an app to track my time and speed. Luckily I’m not that ambitious, otherwise the slowness would disheartening.

April 8: Inside Your Wallet

I love this wallet. I picked it up in Portland about three years ago when I was visiting friends. And yeah, I do hold on to my college ID, old business cards and old grocery discount cards for stores that I no longer live near. The acorn snap fits nicely with the happy squirrels on the front of the wallet. Yeah, it’s okay to be jealous.

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