Beaver Believer

April 9: Younger You

I keep a bunch of random albums around with me here on the East Coast, but usually only think of my college scrapbooks. I forgot that I have a few small albums of an assortment of pictures from younger years and high school. It was a nice discovery. And here is me, with a beaver, in front of one of OSU’s dorms. Clearly my mom wasn’t seeding thoughts of going there in my head at a young age at all…

April 10: Cold

Coffee, vodka, and homemade ice cream, what more could your freezer need?

April 11: Where You Ate Breakfast

While I often eat oatmeal at work too, part of my morning involves running around with my coffee while I take inexplicably way too long to get out the door and chow down on toast in my non-kitchen.

April 12: Stairs

Four flights to my door every day. Good times.

April 13: Something You Found


April 14: How You Feel Today

A tired, lazy Saturday with beer, water, and sunning on a friend’s rooftop: happiness… life is pretty good lately.

April 15: Sunset

It may have been a somewhat disgustingly humid run, but ending it with a nice sunset wasn’t so bad.

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