A Brief Detour

My brain is all over the place lately and I’ve been busy, so here are some random thoughts in fill-in-the-blank form. Also, I freaking love Donald Glover. Shocking, I know.

1.  Today is a great day because it’s Friday and there is much fun to be had tonight.

2.   Tomorrow I will be seeing The Hunger Games for a second time with a friend. And possibly more shenanigans.

3.  My favorite time of day is  early evening  because  that’s when I get my second wind, either for running, being productive, or going out with friends.

4. Sometimes you just have to say “what the hell, I’m not catching up on sleep tonight” multiple times during the week.

5. A song that I just can’t get enough of lately is  “Call Me Maybe” and I’m OK with that.

6. My favorite accessory is a necklace these days. I may have temporarily retired wearing rings for a while. Still feels weird though.

7.  My favorite thing about this week was  pretty much all of it, in terms of the post-work part of the days. It’s been a fun one.

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