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One Crazy Year

On this day in 2011 I was driving from Brooklyn to upstate NY in my recently acquired car to start a new life in the Capital Region. Obviously, a lot has changed for me personally and professionally along the way, and in my opinion it’s all been for the (way) better. But I love pictures, so let me get my rather selective recap going.

In the past year, I…

…said goodbye to NYC and my Brooklyn home on Underhill Ave.

…got a big upgrade in space in the new Troy apartment.

…went to Niagara Falls and hopped in and out of Canada.

…made an impulsive hair style decision that I maintained for all of one month.

…did a bunch of hiking and exploring all the more accessible places like Lake George and the Adirondacks.

…had an early preview of my future Center Square shenanigans at Lark Fest.

…turned 25 and celebrated in NYC with one of my favorite ladies and some ridiculous kid.

…was lucky enough to experience one of the tamest winters ever in Albany.

…made a big life change and started fresh in a new apartment in downtown Albany.

…adopted a crazy furball all my own to obsess over, and named her Sabrina, causing everyone to talk about that TV show about some teenage witch.

…was lucky enough to meet a lot of great people in a short period of time who quickly became wonderful friends.

Love these crazy people

And I’ve got to say, I’m really happy with life right now. And I’m looking forward to all the great things in the future, whatever they may be. I mean, who knows where I’ll be this time next year?

7 thoughts on “One Crazy Year

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ So glad to see all has worked out! I LOVE your blog and miss you lots!


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