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Falls, Sun, and Fun

It only looks like I might jump. I meant to do a super(wo)man pose.

It’s been so long since I’ve done a normal blog post, I’m not sure how to go about this. After being kind of irresponsible on Friday night (dear self, I thought you learned to always eat dinner before drinking tons of beer? fail time), I got up early and headed out to Barberville Falls with Brigette. It was a day of indulging in the sun, despite the high waters that made finding a way to get to a decent set of rocks for laying out kind of a challenge. And I may have totally slipped and ate it on a rock at one point. Only minor bruising though… it was more hilarious than painful really, just ask Brig.

Serene, when you’re not falling in it

We had the whole creek to ourselves, and it felt really nice to be out in nature and feel completely relaxed for a while. We then stopped for lunch at Jack’s Drive-In for burgers, cheese fries, and a milkshake. It was unbelievably delicious, and a perfect fit for our day of awesome. It stacks up pretty well against my tradition back home of LBJ’s burritos, Penguins frozen yogurt and walking on the beach. Then we extended the sun and fun in T & Z’s backyard. And yes, we even busted out a turtle kiddie pool. We’re adults. No really.

Splish splash I was playing in a turtle…

For the next two weeks, I get to spend more time out there (well… near it), since my friends who live in Averill Park are off getting married and I’m on cat entertainment duty. (Does that surprise anyone?) I love driving through the green back roads, blasting some tunes, and chilling out with kitties. They even have a porch! I’m excited. I’m even progressing in my running endeavors: managing to be injury free, getting a little faster, and building real endurance to run farther. Endorphins FTW!

Playing with cute cats is like exercise too.

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