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Give me some rope, Tie me to dream…

I wish the end of this amazing season didn’t make me so sad, given Dan Harmon’s unceremonious removal. But I sure do love this ending montage, ala The Wire. And I was waiting for someone to post it online. Not only has this show been an amazing experience to watch, but thanks to the commentaries, outtakes (watch this video, it really might be my favorite outtake reel, which says a lot because there’s one on every disc), show runner and writer Twitter accounts, and the over analyzing recaps through discovering TV havens like HitFix and the AV Club, I’ve really fallen in the deep end of TV obsession. It’s fun, except when everyone in your real life thinks you’re crazy for over doing the referential comments and quotes. Sometimes it even tempts me to move back to LA to indulge the crazy… except not. But almost.

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