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On Repeat: Music Edition

A significant portion of my music collection has come directly from TV shows over the last 5 or 6 years. Ever since I got into Scrubs (thanks, Christine!) I’ve noticed to power of music cues in episodes. I’m now in the habit of searching for songs in episodes all the time, from Scrubs to Community to Cougar Town and more.

Say what you want about Cougar Town – it’s not what you think, but it’s probably still not for everyone – but the music cues are fantastic. Christa Miller (Jordan on Scrubs, Ellie on CT) was responsible for a lot of the music on Scrubs (along with Zach Braff) and is the music supervisor on Cougar Town. And I can’t get enough of this Katie Herzig song since seeing the season finale. And it’s helping me ignore the scary nagging pain in my hip that seems to whisper stress fracture. Praying for the hypochrondraic in me to be wrong this time. Penny caaaan!

/TV nerd out!

3 thoughts on “On Repeat: Music Edition

  1. I knew I loved you! I also am a fan of Cougar Town…despite how crazy the show sounds when you describe it to others:)

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