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From Pool Lounging to Park Games

Somehow it’s already more than halfway through June. These past few weeks have been all kinds of interesting, both in the good and sort of strange sense. And this summer has many more exciting happenings in the coming weeks.

One of the best parts of the summer so far is Z’s mom’s house in Troy. With tons of acreage and a sweet pool, many a weekend have been and will continue to be spent there.

Stoop action is still a constant in my life. And so are ridiculous outings at bars and restaurants.

My cousin informed me last minute that she and her family were going to be in the Berkshires to visit her dad’s side of the family. Lucky for me I was able to make time to go out and see them. Such a nice mini vacation!

Private dock at sunrise. Worth it.
Looking for cows. No big deal.

Random weekday adventures, like playing the ridiculous “corn hole” game that involves throwing bean bags into planks with a hole in them. My uber unhealthy competitive side may have come out…

And now it’s time to get some massive cleaning action going on. It’s reached a critical mess point.

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