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Albany vacation-slash-visit

I really wanted to say staycation, but then I remembered how much I hate that word. Mama Bafico finally, FINALLY, visited me this past weekend. Even back in the days when I was still in school in Oregon and we’d take a short trip to NYC for shows and the US Open, my mom would talk about wanting to see upstate. Of course, if I wasn’t living here I doubt either of us would have made it to this region, especially when there’s Oregon and Washington full of fall leaves and, lets be honest, better weather. But here I am, so here she came.

Thankfully the weather turned crisp and cool and there was an abundance of colorful trees and seasonal events to explore. Add in road trip adventures, a little pre-birthday shopping (hey, it’s only a month away), and cider donuts, and it turned into a great weekend. Getting back to reality is hard, but getting my bed back is so so exciting. Word to the wise: sleeping on a love-seat, no matter how short and small you think you are, is not the wisest decision.

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