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Lookin’ fine, cream of mushroom!

This weekend was a return to NYC and theater fun with Mary. I headed down to NJ on Friday night, only managing to get lost about 5 times in the process when I was barely 20 miles away from her house. I, uh, have no excuse. I’ve driven down there many times. My brain has been half checked-out more often than I would like these days.

Anyway. Mary and I got pumped for going to rush in the morning for Bring It On: The Musical. It’s not that similar to the movie besides being about high school cheerleaders, and yes, it’s a ton of fun. It helps that I kind of love some of the people involved in creating the show.

We got up at a ridiculously early hour to drive into the city and stand on line for 2 hours. And because we’re lucky, it also was around 30 degrees out. Really, though, it wasn’t that bad. The last time I did rush for a show it was 4 hours (or more? I can’t remember) for Next to Normal on a Sunday. Mary and I got coffee to stay warm and it was a mellow rush line. We were first to get rush tickets for the evening show. Score!


Afterward, we met up with Adam, who came in from Boston, and made some decisions for the afternoon while getting lunch. Adam was meeting up with a friend to see another show while Mary and I made the money-saving decision to see a movie instead. And aca-scuse me? Pitch Perfect was amazing. I want to see it again. And again.

In our down time before dinner we decided to get crafty. Cued up from a discussion about how much “angst” to expect from a musical’s emotional tipping point, we created a bit of a chart from some note cards. Creativity + nerdiness = win. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like playing with markers and note cards on the floor of a big hotel? DON’T LIE. Of course Mary has the more extensive Broadway knowledge, which was key to a proper order. And sure, people going to the bathrooms at the Mariott might have thought we were a little deranged, but hey, it was fun.

Mary and I headed to Five Napkin for dinner and discovered an awesome cookie place next door. It was a bit too crowded pre-show time so we headed over to Baked by Melissa instead for a bunch of mini-cupcakes (yum!) but I couldn’t resist mimicking this poster. Warning: poster posing is a very common occurrence with us.

We met up with Adam and Justine and settled into our awesome front row seats. The last time I was at the St. James theater was for American Idiot. Oh, show memories. And I realized that I have yet to see a show at the Richard Rodgers since the final night of In The Heights. I can only imagine how strange it will feel to see something new there. I still feel ALL THE FEELINGS every time I listen to the cast album or watch some kind of related video. Heights was such a big part of my early NYC life. Sigh.


Bring It On was fantastic. I could pick out many things reminiscent of Heights given that Lin did the music and lyrics. And Twig is like Sonny 2.0. And they had the same choreographer. But considering I worshipped ITH, comparisons are definitely not a bad thing. It’s a fun show that’s not meant to be taken seriously, and the music is perfect for rocking out. And it’s hilarious. They only have a limited run through January, so I think I’ll have to get back down there again soon to see it one more time.


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