Thanks, Day One

Considering everything that has been going on in the Northeast this week, this one is pretty easy. I’m thankful that Hurricane Sandy skipped over Albany and I’m able to carry on with heat, water, and electricity. Even though I did prepare and stock up, it’s always hard to predict what will happen. And as we’ve all seen, no one really expected the kind of devastation that hit the rest of the Northeast, from NJ and NYC to Maryland and beyond. I mean, the closest I came to dealing with disasters in the city was the snowstorm of 2010 (I was still pretty lucky there), and the tornado earlier that year that caused damage but wasn’t anywhere near the scale of what’s happening now.

I’ve been glued to following the reports and updates, and I know the best I can do from here is donate money and maybe blood, but I still wish I could be down there to help in person. If I had been still living in Brooklyn, I would have been in an unscathed area most likely (albeit stranded with the trains and bridges shut down). But I would have been able to move my body and help somehow. Instead I can just be grateful that we were missed by Sandy up here in Albany, considering the damage sustained from Irene last year. Many of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook are talking about scouting showers and charging stations from friends uptown. From a distance, the blackout images of downtown Manhattan are eerie, but I can’t image what it’s really like to be dealing with that down there. At the same time, I’m constantly warmed by the stories I hear of people helping out and working together (just following Cory Booker suffices in many ways — he’s amazing), as well as businesses doing their part to help people, free of charge. Basically, I’m feeling all the feels like Lindy West over at Jezebel, because even those I’m much closer physically than her, I’m pretty much just as far away in relatability. Also here’s another post worth a read. I’m just sitting here tearing up at everything…

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