Cat Lady

Thanks, Day Two

Wow, daily blogging. Pressure. Today will be brief, since I want to soak in the laziness brought on by my 3-day weekend before starting my new job on Monday.

Look at that face!

Sabrina: Furrious Crazius Maximus.

When I moved into my own place in Albany in February, I knew I was going to get a cat. I also knew I needed a couch, kitchen supplies, etc., and that I pretty much couldn’t afford anything. But then one day after work I stopped by the Petsmart near my office to “just check out” the cat situation. I brought Sabrina home that night. She’s a crazy little furball that constantly demands attention, tries to escape my apartment daily (she thinks the whole building is hers), but best of all she’s a buddy I always have. I can be a bit of a homebody, so having someone else to take care of not only entertains me but keeps everything in perspective when I want to just chuck all my responsibilities. As most of my friends have witnessed, she’s awesome, adorable, and hilarious. And she even forgives me after I take her to the vet (evidence below from this morning). Love her.

She tried to hide in the wires and meowed her face off.

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