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Thanks, Day Five

Let it be known, I like booze. But in terms of thanks, I am thankful for red wine. I love beer, but sometimes beer does not like me. I like an easy vodka drink when I’m out on the town, and despite many, MANY times of this going awry, I still drink vodka. And white wine, well, white wine is evil. At least it has been for me. But red wine does not let me down. It does not mess me up, tire me out, or make me crazy. So hooray, red wine! This should be hashtagged #lazypost.

This is a really old picture of being dumb in college (Christine and I didn’t have a bottle opener, probably drank glass, WHOOPS), and that’s probably white wine. But whatever. MEMORIES.

PS. I started my new job today. And it was cool. The commute will probably get old soon enough, but I kind of don’t mind it for now. As long as I can actually wake up early.

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