Thanks, Day Six

OK, this one is easy peasy: voting. And I’ll be honest here, I almost didn’t go tonight after work. I have this miserable head cold and I spent all day at work trying to be a great new addition to the company while my nose won’t stop running. I was kind of grumpy. But the thing is, this is only the second presidential election I’ve been able to vote in. My birthday is the second week of November, so I conveniently turned 18 in 2004 a week after the election took place. Don’t get me wrong, 2008 was a much better year to start voting in, but still. So I came home, grumbled to the purring cat, and then headed out to vote. It took a couple of minutes. And I’m glad I did it. Now time to watch the election coverage, hopefully with some friends… I can’t let a head cold take me down! (But it totally is. You GUYS, I haven’t been sick in like 2 years. I took really old cold medicine and have been having weird dreams. I never want to get sick AGAIN. I am SO whiny. Boo. /rant over)

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