Thanks, Day Seven

Feeling brief again tonight. So, here we go: tonight I’m thankful for bad movies on Netflix Instant. Being cooped up (and lets be honest, I’d do this almost as much even if I wasn’t sick, especially with my new job hours) has led me to watch some pretty questionable movies the last few days. Like, I probably shouldn’t admit it. But whatever. Judge away people, judge away. I’ve watched:

  • Take Me Home Tonight (which wants to be an iconic 80s film SO BADLY, but yeah no),
  • Adventure Land (holy awkward putting Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg together),
  • and A Little Help (super angsty Jenna Fischer indie that lets you wallow in sadness).

Let me remind you all that I’m no stranger to liking crappy movies, as we’ve BEEN HERE before.

6 thoughts on “Thanks, Day Seven

  1. Suggestion for a good movie: 50 50. You will love it…hilarious, incredibly sad, amazingly happy, and some romance 🙂

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