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Thanks, Day Eight

I’m doing all these posts on the fly this week, despite the piece of paper I taped to my wall with ideas. Today I’m thankful for care packages. I don’t think anyone really does these much anymore unless you’re traveling far away or if it’s family. My mom is good for a few surprises here and there. But we’re all getting older and busier and there’s the internet. Honestly, as much as I love digital stuff from social media to email to texting, I get so little mail on a regular basis that it’s pretty fun when I do. And of course, with my birthday coming up next week I have received my usual box with a few little things my parents send. As you can see, Sabrina is already excited about her new blanket (I’m not even pretending to have ownership there).

The other surprise I can count on in the mail? “The book.” My college girlfriends and I have a traveling-pants-esque book that we started our last year after we dubbed ourselves “The Ramblers” (yes, we are weird and crazy) and we mail it to each other from time to time. Sometimes it’s gotten lost, sometimes someone holds on to it for too long (whoops, that’s me), and it’s been all over the country and world now that Christine lives in Australia. It’s in my possession right now, but it’s about to get sent off again soon…

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Day Eight

    1. We have random stuff – updates about our lives, drawings, stickers, pics, fill-in-the-blank games we leave each other…I’m lucky to have such silly and creative friends!

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