Thanks, Day Ten

My beach!

Today, I’m thankful for growing up near the ocean. I love where I grew up in Southern California. I always say I’d never want to live there as an adult (and I still stand by that… kind of), but I love going back to visit. If you believe in astrology, as a Scorpio, I’m inclined to be drawn to water. And I find the ocean calming and anytime I’m near one I’m happy… the salt water air, the waves crashing, etc. I didn’t appreciate as much until the end of high school and of course, once I left. Every time I go home, no matter what the weather is like, I make of point of hanging out on the beach for a bit. Sometimes it’s just sitting and watching the waves at night, sometimes it’s getting froyo with a friend and walking to the pier, sometimes it’s going for a run. And I’m sure you’re wondering, if I love it so much, why the hell do I just keep moving away from the ocean?! I don’t know.

2005 – nerd alert!

When I lived in Oregon my friends and I still had fun adventures on the coast in Newport, and when I lived in NYC I still had the Hudson and visited the beach on Long Island once. Here in Albany I’ve felt the disconnect the most. And maybe even more importantly, I haven’t been back to California since I moved here. So maybe this Christmas when I’m hanging out with my family and going to the beach, I’ll have an epiphany. Or just refuse to go back to the east coast. I mean… the beach, good weather…

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