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Thanks, Day Twelve

This post is part flashback, part thanks. Basically, today I am going to talk about how thankful I am that I have Mary as a friend. First of all, I wouldn’t even be doing this 30 Days of Thanks thing without her! But more importantly, I feel so amazingly lucky that we became so close and that she’s now one of my best friends. Our origin story is kind of random, starting with Altar Boyz and me introducing myself to other fans (a bold time in my life) who then took me in as friends, and those friends then introduced me to other people who I reunited with and got to know better whenever I wound up back in the city: trips with my mom, my summer internship, and my for-good (ha) move after college. Through those friendships and the random adventures we had I met Mary.

And I think as we discussed, through hanging out at the lounge, going to see Hair (stole this from Mary’s blog) and American Idiot, and other random silly outings, we got really close. Now that I live upstate, I still go down to NJ to visit Mary every few months. Sometimes we head into the city and sometimes just hang out watching videos online and weird TV shows and just laugh a lot. I’ve met a lot of cool people during my years on the East Coast but very few of them are people I consider so near and dear to me. ❤

The flash back to this day last year: My birthday weekend with Mary, Godspell, and Hunter Parrish. It was one of the best birthdays I’d had in a while, all thanks to Mary. We took an awesome birthday pic and I fell in love with Hunter’s adorableness over and over again. Great memories.

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