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Thanks, Day Fourteen

Today, I’m thankful for podcasts. I started to get into them when I began driving here upstate, and especially when I started taking longer trips. I discovered This American Life and Stuff You Missed in History Class initially. But then I lost interest in those despite the fact that I find Ira Glass’s voice very soothing. These days I’m hooked on Marc Maron’s WTF podcasts and Dan Harmon’s Harmontown. Now that I have this long commute through a windy, rural two-lane road, I really get into these things.

So first, WTF with Marc Maron. I often don’t know or don’t think I’ll care about the person Marc Maron is interviewing on his podcast, but there hasn’t been a single one that hasn’t drawn me in. Unlike a lot of people that skip his life rambles before the interview, that’s usually what hooks me in. I’ll be listening to him talk about his life, get sucked in, and bam! awesome interview time. I just listened to his interview with Andrew W.K., who I knew nothing about and I don’t even really know his music, but holy crap that was so interesting. People with interesting voices, especially when you aren’t even sure what they look like, just take on a whole other identity in your mind. Just like reading, but with your ears!

And then there’s Harmontown (ps I just found this and I’m in loooove). Dan Harmon is a genius. Or a great rambler. And every single Harmontown has been full of so much random stuff, and sometimes I laugh so hard I think I need to pull over. Also, early on they starting playing Dungeon and Dragons during the show, and let me tell you, that is fucking awesome to listen to and picture while you’re driving. I almost get into with them, even though I can’t participate. I’m only going to be home in LA for four days, and most of that time I’m obviously booked with family, but man, if there’s a Harmontown… I might have to make that happen…

I keep saying that maybe I need to get an audio book or two to start since I listen to these podcasts faster than they’re made usually… but I also might get back on the How Stuff Works train and maybe something else that will work my brain. I mean, if I’m going to spent almost two hours in my car every weekday, I might as well do something productive, right? We’ll see…

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