Thanks, Day Sixteen

Today I’m thankful for naps. I relearned the power of naps this past year. They used to be a large part of my Saturday afternoon life, and then that faded away in recent years. But with all the shenanigans of this summer and whatnot, naps were essential. When you’re out all day and plan to be out all night, a 20/30 min power nap can make all the difference in stamina. Of course, now that I’m commuting to Vermont and waking up much earlier and getting less sleep, sometimes I nap involuntarily. For example, this past Wednesday, after being out later than usual (and er, drunker than usual), I passed out on my couch so hard after trying to staying awake…. coming to again after an hour with drool everywhere. So cool, I know. But naps also play a part in my Friday nights. If I’m going out on a Friday night after long work day, I need a nap. Or I can go to happy and be in bed by 10… which I can also be totally okay with. The moral of the story: naps = good.

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