Thanks, Day Twenty

Today, I’m thankful for laughter. Both the kinds of laughter that comes from being ridiculous with your friends and the ability to laugh at myself. I used to take everything (and myself) way too seriously, but I’m much more laid back in recent years… at least a bit. I’ll always remember the moment in the dining hall freshman year at OSU when I was having breakfast with my friend before our 8am class, and like a genius I shook my orange juice after I’d opened it without holding the lid on. … you can guess what happened next. But instead of freaking out, I just laughed and went to change and told my friend to save me a seat. Of course, I do still get embarrassed way too easily and I’m way too self conscious, but I can laugh at myself waayyy more than before. And when I hang out with friends like Mary, or Christine (OMG I MISS YOU), or the Ramblers, I laugh so hard at so many silly things and that makes me happy.

One thought on “Thanks, Day Twenty

  1. It’s funny to think how much we have changed since we were 17/18 🙂 Oh the years have been kind! Miss you LOTS and can’t wait to see when when our paths cross again!

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